After the long wait, it seems Rhythmz On Da Runway 2017 has finally come to past, preceeding it’s previous event which took place in 2014. The event organized by K.O.D can somewhat be seen as the Ghanaian edition of Fashion Rocks In UK and USA, or Music Meets Runway as it is in Nigeria, where music meets fashion on the runway and models meet musicians.


Manifest In Bri Wireduah Clothing Styled by Daniel Mawuli Quist

A host of performances from Ghana’s leading hip life and rap artists as well as the showcase of fashion with models alongside celebrities. It wasn’t so easy to see how the crowd received the entertainment on the night, but what is definitely guaranteed was one of the highest level of production and set up in Ghana’s fashion history. This was a clear insight of the advanced gap between the music world and the fashion world and what happens when someone from the music industry inputs their experience into the fashion world.

On one side of the critical coin one can say all the theatrics doesn’t necessarily serve the fashion on the night so well, then again, what shows like Rhythmz On Da Runway does is it brings new life and people whom might have never shed an interest in fashion into the circles and it sparks their fab juices. As long as they are aware fashion shows are not meant to be that entertaining. lol

Yes there are more and more people trying to be part of the fashion industry in Ghana already without having a means of income or even wanting to change it, however, the produce and effort is very mediocre and a lot of times less. Shows like Rhythmz On Da Runway set standards that help us distinguish between potential in our industry and settling for less.

There were a number of fashion designers on the night, however the ones that stood out mostly was Abrantie the Gentleman, Palse, Opheila Cross Land, and not to forget K.O.D’s closing show which was executed alongside a performance by Africa’s best rapper, Sarkodie.

Although we can not give a perfect example of what the seemed like interms of how well the crowd were entertained, one thing for sure is that from a media stand point, it was definitely a beautiful set up and surrounding, and great images and videos wear captured. Congratulations to the team.

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