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Ghana Celebrity Watch 

For one, the 2019 VGMA’s must have been the most uninspiring major red carpet event to take place so far. It may be the stakes are higher and we have seen most of it all from the usual attention seekers and to be frank, they are getting fairly boring. As far as female goes with the exception of Gloria Sarfo, Adina Thembi, Empress Dictabee and a few other, not sure there was much to be impressed by.

So let’s get into why Cina Souls dress was just perfectly right. First of all, we can’t deny it’s inline with most of the trending traditional bridal looks that have been swarming the internet over the past months, so the designer definitely is within that class or she knows what she was doing.

In 2016-18 the hit for red carpet dress was sheer fabrics, see through fabrics and giving people more than they can see. From 2018-19 it became more arm focused. Ie. what you see on the left arm isn’t what you will see on the right, which is most of the outfits we witness, however, Cina Souls designer took the essence and focus of her dress to the neck, with a supreme choker that was very well decorated with Crystals.

Can we talk about the bottom half already? Can we just admire how the pleated design came swirling in from the back outlining the pelvic area and making it’s way down? Wow! This could have gone so wrong, but in actual fact it worked brilliantly.

Unfortunately, the designer hasn’t been credited. All we can say is if she borrowed the dress or got it for free on behalf of a celebrity status, she has done the creator a disservice by not doing so.


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