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Ghana Celebrity Watch 

For those that don’t know Salma Mumin is a Ghanaian actress, and like most celebrities in Africa do to keep themselves relevant in the world of social media is to execute a photoshoot that will get them shared on other platforms acknowledging their birthday.

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Salma Mumin decided that a nude shoot with watermelons cracked all over her private parts will be impressive to her following. Unfortunately it had a lot of X’s ticked on her approval sheet. Definitely her friends won’t tell her but only congratulate her, however, the truth is it didn’t looked like a media stunt gone wrong, it looked like a media stunt gone tacky.

Most of all, we love Salma Mumin, a very cute face actress who knows how to mind her own business, hardly caught up in any controversies, and always pleasant in public. Maybe that’s why seeing her go naked for an attention seeking media relevancy stunt was a very opposing act for the actress. This is something to expect of Efia Odoo, Crystabel Ekeh or other.

More over, the image shot by Rodney Quarcoo was fairly tasteless and non attractive, simply taking away the aspect of the actress in the shot. It seems beyond uncomfortable and the lightening was horrible with shadows all over the place.

But in all cases, artists, talents and creatives need to learn how not to sacrifice their long term supporters for one day fans. Others might do it and that’s fine, but don’t lose those that respect you for those that fantasize over you sexually. To take it literally, it was only just a few days ago she was standing shoulder to shoulder with the 2nd lady in aid of helping young girls, and then celebrates her birthday this way.

If she wants to know who her real friends are she should to through the list of those that told her it wont be a good idea to do this. That is not to say that this per say is bad, or bad that even she did it, it’s just not fitting of the well branded Salma we have gotten to know and love.


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