Exclusive Interview With Creative Director Of Allan David Collection

“You should be able to tell when you see a carpenter and furniture because their works are different. Every design has left and right and good designer should always consider the law of balancing the two side” here are some of the words used by renowned Ghanaian designer Allan David when I hold him down at Woodin cocktail party at Silver lounge after the fashion show on Saturday. Allan David is the creative director behind Allan David Collection. The label whose have managed to distinguish itself and command respect from other fashion house in Ghana and Africa at large. We chit chat about the collection he showcased earlier that day, growth and challenges of Ghana fashion industry and what to expect from his label in the last quarter of the year…Enjoy reading.
Allan David

What can you tell us about Woodin re-launch activities going on today?

What I can say for now is about the new fabrics they are launching with. It’s more creative and nicer to work with for me as a designer

Are you saying the fabrics they are launching with are better off the one in the past?
Yes, you know Woodin is one company who always create new designs. If you buy a fabric this week, there is possibility that you may not get it the following week when you go back there because they always produce new designs. The fabrics they came out will for the re-launch are really nice, colourful and lots of varieties.
You are one of the designers that showcased at the launch this afternoon. What can you tell us about the collection you showcased?
What I showcased today is just one side of me. When they called me that I will be showcasing, I started thinking about what I will design because the fabrics are so colourful. I came up with the collection after studying the fabrics behaviour. And you will appreciate the beauty of the fabrics more when you design something nice. So, I showcased evening wear, casual wear and office wear and at the end of the show, many people walk up to me to get my complimentary card which means they appreciate what I did.
You mean inspiration for the collection was from the fabrics?
Yes and also from a Tree. When you look at trees around you, you will see left and right. This means if you are coming up with an idea, you should consider the law of balancing. Every design has left and right and good designer must be able to balance that.
What should we be expecting from Allan David Collection in the last quarter of the year?
Expect great and greater things to come. We are planning to launch our ready to wear before the end of the year.
What can you tell us about the growth of Ghana fashion industry this year compared to previous years?
The industry is growing bigger and bigger but the problem we are facing now is that we need more investors to come in, corporate organization to sponsor fashion show so that the organizers can organize good shows to showcase upcoming designers and established once. Getting good venue, paying models, make-up artiste, promotions, etc all is money and the organizers can’t do it alone.
Now everybody is a designer in Ghana. No tailor and seamstress anymore, what is your view on that?
Though, I can’t condemn anybody but you can tell yourself when you see a carpenter and furniture because their works are different. Even in advance countries, we have some professional tailor and seamstress that don’t call themselves designer. It’s amazed when people just wake up one day and say they are a designer because they completed fashion school or learn how to sew. Some cannot even read fabrics. I will never condemn anybody anyway but the kind of work he/she is doing will tell who you really are.
Thank you for your time.
Thank you too.


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