VIDEO: Farcardi & Sponsors? Ghana’s Future Of Prostitution? Nick Cannon Speaks On Top Models Brokered Off to Old White Men

by Nana Tamakloe
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With Queen Farcadi recently opening up and proudly claiming to receive 30,000ghs a month from sleeping with men, with the recent allegations of Miss Ghana pimping it’s queens for money, the thousands of girls advertising themselves on instagram for unknown reasons, and Ebony Reigns popular track ‘Sponsor’ (another word for sugar daddy) encouraging girls to seek sex with older men for money. What is our future set to be like?


Although we hear are fans of Ebony Reigns and other successful artists in across the continent, are we being careful with the examples and doors being opened? Prostitution no longer needs to stand of the cantoment and Osu streets. With social media and instagram, a few pictures under the guide of models you are minutes away from being messaged, this time even from richer men abroad. US Superstar and millionaire, Nick Cannon spoke on his views on this isssue in an interview with online channel Vlad TV where he speaks on models being Being Brokered Off to Old Rich White Men at parties.

So why does Nick Cannon’s talk on modeling play into the assumption of the future of prostitution. Because despite that some girls make great models and have every right and reason to attempt to be models, there is also a growing number of lazy girls with very limited job opportunities using modeling as a means to try their luck in advertising themselves, or even girls with low self esteem hoping the compliments and likes from social media will make them feel confidence. So watch the video below and share thoughts.

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