Fashion Style Errors That Make You Look Older


Just like your makeup choices, your clothing style also needs to evolve as you age. Persisting on wearing styles that looked great on you some few years back will make you look older than you actually are.

If you are in your 20’s, you wouldn’t want to be looking like you in your 30’s because of you styling choice. So keep reading on to find out how to keep your clothing style fresh and age-appropriate.

1. Jumping On The Bad Wagon– Don’t make the mistake of investing your hard-earned money in trends that may be gone by next season. Unless you have an unlimited budget, buying into flash-in-the-pan styles that will be passé within months is just wasting your money. Instead, you should invest in styles that will remain timeless classics and be used for years to come. Celebrity wardrobe stylist Alana Kelen advises, “Look to trends that are here to stay: leather, military, dark florals, plaid, and slimmer cuts such as tailored pants and pencil skirts.”

2. Still wearing your old clothes – If you’re like most women, styles that fit you when you were 16, 21, or 29 probably don’t fit the same today. They may be too tight, or they may be baggy and loose in all the wrong places. Or it may fit just fine but look completely inappropriate for your age. If you really want to keep the piece in your wardrobe, try to have it tailored professionally so it fits your current proportions.

3. Rocking the wrong hair style – As we age, we begin to lose more fat from our faces. While this might be a cause to celebrate, you need to make sure that your haircut evolves along with the shape of your face. Simply avoid letting your hair get too long, which can make your naturally thinner face look unhealthy. Choose bouncy and full layers that will frame your face and accentuate your features.

4. Picking the wrong colours- Colour can make a huge difference in how old you look. Picking the wrong colour can make you look dull, ashen, and sickly. If you want to look fresh-faced and glowing, you need to choose colours that accentuate your natural skin’s complexion and undertones. To help you out, we have a great guide on figuring out your skin’s normal undertone and what colours work best for you.

5. Wearing the wrong size– Just because you fit perfectly into a size six a decade ago does not mean you still do today. Sure, you may be able to squeeze into that pair of jeans and get them buttoned up, but if it’s too tight or uncomfortable, it wont just make you feel awkward but also make you look older — not younger. Don’t get caught up in obsessing over the size that’s on the tag, and focus on finding clothes that fit well. If your clothes feel comfortable to wear, you will feel more comfortable and confident while wearing them, and confidence is the most youth-enhancing tool in your arsenal!

6.Wearing too big clothes– If you want to draw positive attention, don’t be afraid to wear styles you enjoy like mini-skirts or skinny jeans, but make sure they are you exact size and fits you properly when you purchase them! On the flip side, don’t cover yourself up with loose, baggy clothing when you don’t need to. You might not feel confident in figure-hugging clothing, but wearing clothing that is too big for you will make you look boxy and larger than you are. Above all, go for a good and comfortable fit.




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