Fashion TV Brand Now Officially In Nigeria. Would it Benefit Nigeria?



So we got good news regarding fashion TV. It’s confirmed Fashion TV has just landed its franchise in the heart of Nigeria into the hands of Joan….. We have covered a lot of her in our articles, from Nigeria’s Next Super Models, to ECOWAS Fashion Week, to Isis Models and Fashion TV activities in Nigeria. It’s not favouritism, she simply happens to be one of the few people making changes in the fashion world of Nigeria, as well as being humble enough to communicate with press and blogs, something many struggling fashionistas in Africa think is above them.

To be more specific, she was landed the deal for Fashion TV in Nigeria, however, She is affiliated and has already been working with the owners of Fashion TV Africa. This is good news and great for the exposure of Fashion in Nigeria. But I am going to pretend I am a 100% excited about the idea. Africa is gaining a lot of momentum with it’s economy (the right way). New buildings, new shopping malls, billionaires popping up here and there, endless articles about our developments, more investments and so forth. I personally think this is the time to be launching our own soon to be international brands.


Nevertheless, that is looking at things long term. Right about now, considering the activities in Nigeria get exposed on the main FTV channel and the Nigerian market is opened to their audience, and not only that of FTV Nigeria, this could actually be a revolutionary step in the forward motion fashion in Nigeria.

F Yatch Party
F Yatch Party

For now, look forward to seeing F Bars, F Cafes, F Water around your fashion events in Nigeria.


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