The most common question that modeling agents and scouts receive from aspiring models is, “how do I become a runway model?.” There is so much information in books, swirling around on websites, that it can seem very confusing and overwhelming to a new model who is just starting out. Ghana’s fine model, Christiana Donkor is here with 7 simple tips to help you get started.

One may ask who is Christiana Donkor? She is a 21 year old student of Accra Technical University studying fashion design and textiles. She is currently signed on with Confidence Model Agency and has been modeling for about four years now. she has also walked on some major runways shows in Ghana such as; Accra Poly fashion show 2015/ 2016, the Imperial fashion school graduation 2016, ICGC 2015/2017. She has also been on the runways of Accra Fashion week 2016/ 2017, and The radford show 2017/Radford exhibition 2017.

In a recent interview with her, she told us she believes her height and striking looks are what makes her stand out from the rest and hopes to work with many local and international haute couture designers. When asked if she has any runway tips for the wanna be models, this is what she said:

Posture: Think tall. While walking, stand up straight leaning slightly back so your legs can go first. Keep your toes pointed forward, so they aren’t turned out. Then walk with one foot in front of the other as if walking on a tightrope.
Hips: Most people think you need to do a lot of hip swaying. Your hips will move naturally so exaggeration isn’t necessary.
Arms: Let your arms swing naturally. However, take care they are not too stiff or have big movement. The clothing you have on will help you decide what to do with your hands, you may need to hold something or stick one in a pocket.
Attitude: Be commanding and flirty. This will make you fun for the audience.
Rhythm: Get into a rhythm and let the loud music be your uplifting motivation. When a natural bounce to the beat happens add to it by thinking about holding your head high and keeping your shoulders back.
Eyes: You should never look down. Always look straight ahead at the cameras or pick a spot on the wall ahead of you so you won’t get distracted by anything else distracting around you.
Pose: When you reach the end of the runway pause then lean on one hip with lots of attitude.
Last but not the least, Christiana advices the other models out there to be respectful, firm but affable and always be on time when called for a job.


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