Fella Makafui’s Ignites The Dark Skin Vs Light Skin Girl Tension With This Indirect Jab To Sister Derby

by Nana Tamakloe
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Ghana Celebrity Watch Racism & Prejudice 

The Saga and love triangle between the two fashionistas Fella Makafui (brand owner) and Deborah Vanessa Aka Sister Derby (designer) and their boyfriend Medikal is pretty much over. However tension and jabs seems to pop up around each corner.


Although Fella Makafui is still hot in the press and pretty much doing good, as far as it seems, earlier in the year she faced some turbulence after walking away with popular Ghanaian rapper, Sister Derby’s boyfriend Medikal. A couple of which at the time was highly admired by the public.

For those who need the back story, for months Fella had posed as best friends with Medikal during the period the of celebrity couple relationship between Derby and Medikal, but in a short space and time everything came to the open and the two (Fella & Medikal) became a couple leaving Sister Derby in the victim status. This gained her a lot of support and even showed with her hit song ‘Kakalika Love’ throwing shade on the two and had the world witness Fella Makafui receive some of the worst viscous comments on social media.

There are currently rumours that Fella Makafui is 3 months pregnant with Medikal’s child, if these prove to be true then there is a strong chance that this might have played a part in the break up. After all, Medikal’s effort in the world of music has soared, an attribute many see with men and their work ethics when a baby is on a way.

Sister Deborah With Ex Lover Medikal

No one will ever know what really went on behind the scenes and as we all know, love is a dangerous game. But what we do know is there were two physical attributes about the women that stood totally in comparison with each other. 1, Fella Makafui is voluptuous much more than Deborah Vanessa, she carries the video vixen big bum body whilst Deborah Vanessa carries the fashion model type. The 2nd notable difference is Fella is dark skinned and Derby is mixed.

The question of the body has come into play many times, in news articles, in fan comments, even in Medikal’s rap songs, however the question of race/colour has never really came into play until yesterday where Fella Makafui posted an images on instagram with the caption “He likes his woman dark skin and pretty af”.


It is fair to say that comment is not necessarily offensive and may have many angles to it, but coming out of a heated situation such as this, with the one man who left a light skinned lady for her, Fella Makafui might be touching on nerves, not only with Sister Derby but possibly with her light skinned fans and very much light skinned girls across the world.

Pride in dark skin is on a rise around the world, but could we be looking and a mirror reflection of some dark skinned girls using it to down others when it really is at such high levels of admiration, or is this just something between the two character.

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