#FGStyle: 7 Best African Fashion Print Looks For The Skater Skirt Girl



If you have a print flare skirt in your closet and think you have maxed it out with your crop tops you are wrong. There might be some fairly popular look you might just be missing out on.


Skater skirts are perfect for freedom and movement at all times of the year and if you love your colors then below are some of the best looks to rock your print skirts with!

african print skater skirt (1)
Your print Skater skirt would always work best with a tight black top no matter the season. In fact black or white are both colors that will always works alongside print. Other colors could be rocked but you will need to be well verse in color matching.

african print skater skirt (2)
Peter pan collar skater dress. Always brings out the young hearted school girl in you. Fun and formal, classy and ladyish and perfect for the hot weather.

african print skater skirt (3)
Rocking the print skater skirt with a lace top is also another amazing choice. As said, work your colors well, but not only with your skater skirt but also with your skin tone.

african print skater skirt (4)
The buttoned shirt and print skater skirt is also another amazing option. Definitely one that can carry you forth into the work place with admiration.

african print skater skirt (5)
A Vest with Print Skater Skirt because nothing says you are build for a beautiful floral summer than this combination. But make sure it is the summer time. Or else, this also works perfectly with a jacket that matches the print of the skirt.

african print skater skirt (6)
The v-neck print skater dress. There is actually a beautiful harmony with low v neck lines and skater dress. It must be the way it draws an invisible X on the body as it closes in at the top and flares out into the skirt. Always a winner whether its a full dress or a skirt and top.

With that said, here below are some styles available for purchase in our boutique, and if you request any custom style that appeals to you email us the pictures and we can create it for you.

we hope this print skater skirt guide will keep you rotating your skirts until forever. 😉

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