Okay, so let’s talk about women’s must-have accessories. Believe it or not accessories are something women can’t do without. I think accessories enhance a woman’s beauty and makes you look astounding and elegant. A woman’s look is definitely incomplete until she adds some fashionable accessories.

Lets take a look at the hottest accessories that will take you from basic to glam instantly!


These are my personal fav. Not only is this just a fashion accessory but sunglasses are a year-round necessity that protects eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Although the trends changes very often, you can’t be buying a new pair of sunglasses every other week so you need to have a timeless pair you can carry always.



If nothing at all am sure every woman knows she should have a little black dress, but mind you, it’s important to invest in one that’s special. Ready for any occasion, the little black dress never goes out of fashion and will be your best friend till thy kingdom come.



The statement necklace can make an outfit go from boring to va va voom strong, feminine and glamorous in an instant.

statement neck piece



These babies are effortlessly chic. And who else besides you will know that you’re actually hiding a bad hair day?



You know what they say,”hips dont lie” well in this case heels dont lie. Update your closet with flats, wedges, block heels, sneakers and more heels. Go in for animal prints, velvety, plastic, striped etc. Play with more colors too.


Accentuate your curves just by putting on a waist belt. Waist belts not only make you look effortlessly seductive but also keep your posture straight.

waist belt


head piece

Accessorize your hair with statement headpieces. You really don’t need a hairstyle to flaunt these gorgeous add-ons. Just find a piece that flatters you and use it as the only accessory in your look. You can choose from floral strings, jeweled pieces and a lot more.


It is said that a woman carries her world in her bag, and so it is quite important that it is spacious. But does spacious mean that it has to be bulky or heavy? not at all. You can select them from intricate details on it like beads and sequins, embroidery or any texture. Feel free to go crazy with your bag choice.




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