Tight-fitted clothes are great, especially when looking for a partner, but at times you need to take full control of your freedom all whilst still maintaining absolute style! And that’s where shift dresses come in.

The Core Diversity In Shift Dresses

Shift dresses are a great way to place one foot in the realms of maturity and modesty, and the other in the world if trendy and youthful. The fabulous diversified approach then leaves it to the styling and personality of the wearer to solidify which image they wish to project.

The diverse approach towards a shift dress, makes it one of the few, if not only, dresses that can be worn in either heels, sandals, flip flops or trainers.

Shifting In Style

Over the years we have brought you some of the hottest looks as far as trends are concerned, however, we have never really served you with a dose of hot shift dresses since we did so way back in 2019 where Nigerian style influencers Julez was the prime focus as seen below.

If You Love Quirky Shift Dress, You Can Shop Every Piece From Nigeria’s StyleGirl Julez Inside

Well, it’s time to make power moves, if you are in the west Shift dresses are amongst ultmiate looks in the style playbook. Easy to slip on, very comfortable, perfect for all body types and great for the legs.

Here are some recent looks we nabbed of the net for you. The first two are from our very own online store. Enjoy!

Dress By Sulet Noir
Dress by @irresistable_looks_collection
Dress by @rennys_collection
Dress by @Rubywoman001
Dress by @NeyekaFashion
Dress By @HouseOfNini1

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