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From a presenter, to a jaw dropped well dressed presenter! Anita Akua Akuffo continues to wow the nation and beyond with very beautiful and astonishing looks. The broadcasting journalist at TV3 started off modest interviewing fashionistas on GH1 before striking tremendous popularity on social media, all of which was due to her fashion sense and beautiful smile.

Even during the season of coronavirus, this did not slow down Ghanaian premium style influencer. She took to instagram serving more fabulous clothes, from office looks to African prints and even nose mask looks steadily going viral with each and being reshared on many platforms, and neither did she have to go naked to do so.

So the question is how does she do it? Well, it’s not rocket science. A few tips we can pick up from the beauty is she is not desperate to show her looks off immediately by flooding her wall with badly lit phone pictures. Anita ensures anything going out with her is well-edited and retouched for one.

Secondly, when it comes to style, she managed to ensure that her clothes are sexy but not trashy. No cleavage showing, no short skirts, etc. But despite that, you can tell shes a well-figured woman.

Power is also definitely included in her looks. With layers and jackets to her fashion, you won’t expect to see Anita is a skirt and a very, or a normal top. Each look shows you it is something that was costs more than the usual. Despite whether she gets it for free from the designer or not. There is no doubt she has a hand in what her clothiers give her.

And last but not least, bold colours. Yes she is not always in African print, but it’s usually the bold colours of her style that sets her trending.

We take this minute to give you some of her best looks in the past few months below straight off her instagram.

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