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Monochrome couldn’t be simpler thanks to the following style influencers below. Everyone owns a white top, and there is not doubt we all have that little black dress. Making monochrome work perfect is not always so easy.

Nevertheless, getting it right is one that can either leave you looking very sophisticated, and if not, have you looking very common to say the least. Whenever you step into the world of monochrome looks, be it stripes or polka dot, ensure your accessories work with it. From your bags to your sun glasses to your shoes to your belt.

Do not welcome any other colours and if you do ensure it is a touch on the accessories mentioned above. Letting an alternative colour should only compliment the monochrome outfit and not be well meshed in or it will create massive confusion to the eye’s of the beholders.

Mix matching monochrome is also extremely appealing but ensure they contrast in the following ways. 1. One garment can contrast having more white than black and the other having more black than white. 2. Polka dots can be contrasted with stripes. 3. If all stripes, one can be horizontal and the other vertical. 3.

Ensure your hair is at it’s best and neatly done, Afro hair, low hair cuts and braids usually extremely powerful with monochrome outfits. Unfortunately didn’t get such style influencer. See some fabulous examples below.

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