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Ghana Relationships 

If there is one couple that has really lasted and set REAL relationship goals, it has to be Okyeame Kwame and his wife, both together also known as the OKs. Okyeame Kwame has magnificently championed the concept of supporting Made In Ghana, and one thing that is evident is his family does to.

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Matching clothes have always represented a strong sense of love between couples, but it’s not the design of the clothes that reflect this, but instead the similarity in interest. It reveals who you are to the public, and one thing that holds a character together is what is public perception.

Many people act like leaders because those around them think highly of them and see them in such light, as so with many who work to be successful, it also works the other way round when people see one as a failure, it is fairly hard to psychologically battle a general public perception. Hence why your similarities of your clothes as a couple helps reveal to the world you are in love putting the psychological motivation to stay that way.

Now take this and add your African touch of fashion, which then attaches to your relationship the whole concept of pride, togetherness, a couple that represents something bigger then themselves, and most importantly a couple grass rooted in the growth of their nation. try it and see if it doesn’t improve your love life. With that said, let’s enjoy these fabulous moments of the OKs in their made in ghana print fashion.


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