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If pleats aren’t trending in your circles then maybe you might need to edit your associates. Pleats had a good run late last year all through to the early quarters of 2021, where we spotted the trend and brought it hot and direct to your laptop screens as seen below.

#fGSTYLE: Beautiful Black Style Influencers Prepare Us For A 2021 Filled With Pleat Bottoms

However, it seems the trend didn’t last long which is very normal in this internet age where not long is still an accomplishment for a fashion trend.

Despite pleats not trending as much as they do, it seems the aesthetic of the design may be finding its comfort zone amongst the very elegant and sophisticated amongst the city.

Let’s be honest, most people follow trends when they are in. This act is exempt from what some or one may really like, it’s what we do just to let people know we are in tune with what’s going on, and trends are even more fun when we add our own style to it.

But after the years, or months, or in some cases days when the trend dies out, a true lover of the art or style will continue to appreciate it no matter if it works for the majority or not. Sort of like baggy jeans, or du-rags, or timberland shoes, or big wigs. Despite your thoughts, there are still many lingering around with these looks.

Post trend looks simply find their base with those really attached with the fashion. And it seems we are seeing that with pleats. It is now very obvious the intricate art of pleats is easily aligned with those that appreciate the touch of maturity in their world of fashion.

In fact they resonate more with those that find beauty in vintage looks. And in today’s world, only a few months after it stormed the next, most of the style influencers who appreciate pleats and the style they rock it in, speaks to the truth above. Enjoy the fabulous looks below from from an extravagant style influencer Miss Bibi.

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