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Ghana Look Books 

African fashion print looks are usually torn between the casuals, smart casuals and then your evening gowns. Sometimes it’s hard to find the balance of clothes you are rock to a classy event or a simple night out on a date.

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So look no further, we did the research to bring you looks that will work on any such occasion, or atleast for the ladies that wish to remain classy whilst at it. Many women like to maintain respect before their night is over, and in most cases your dress style will reflect on how a man treats you, or the demands he will make. Remember you are always in control so dress like it.

Prints will always do the trick of adding some flamboyance to your presentation, but the style of dress you put on will determine how fun and elegant you can be whilst letting him know to carefully apply respect in the process. So with that said, feast your eyes on the items below, and the style bloggers/designers that gave us the said look.



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