#fGSTYLE: Stand Out For The Upcoming Winter Holidays With These Fashion Ideas

by Rob Everett
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The winter season had started and while waiting for the upcoming holidays, which are just around the corner, many people around the world are wondering how to preserve their charm and beauty beneath this abundance of winter clothes. We are happy to ensure you that this winter, even when you are wearing down jackets and sweaters, you can still look great and comply with all the trends of modern fashion!


What are the main trends this year?
This years’ winter fashion is quite varying. If you want to be fashionable during these holidays, you’re your preference to violet, fuchsia, and black colors, one of the most popular combinations is red and black, and it is worth noting that pastel shades are also in trend.

What about the decorations on the clothes? Prints with pictures of animals (large and small) and plants remain fashionable during this season. Another option is prints with inscriptions that have recently appeared in the collections of famous designers and brands, and could easily become a good addition to your winter wardrobe.

Top ten fashion ideas for holidays!
Now, when we know the main trends of this winter, let’s see our top of ten most interesting ideas for winter outfits during the holidays.

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Add a bit

Asymmetry is a new big thing in the modern fashion, and it especially applies to the top part of your outfit – many famous brands are offering us to choose tops, blouses, and dresses that open the shoulders.

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Blouses and dresses decorated with elegant bows – are great ways to emphasize your femininity and create an outstanding look for the party.

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Although in the 19th century, the ladies could not imagine their daily lives without a corset, tightening their waists until they lost consciousness, today it became a popular accessory that does not cause any harm to health; this season it is fashionable to wear a corset on top of the dress, instead of under it.

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The frills.

And once again it will be fashionable to wear dresses, skirts and blouses with ruffles of different sizes; by the way, they have a definite plus – ruffles can add volume to the places where you lack it.

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Pleated skirts and pants seem to never stay away from the competition, so for these holidays you can also choose an outfit with such an elegant and feminine element!

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Sleek style.

During these holidays cocktail and evening dresses with a maximally narrowed silhouette can be combined with a huge head wrap – dazzle all your enviers with a luxury masterpiece!

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Big and cozy.

The tendency of wearing oversized clothes holds its deserved place in the top for several years and it doesn’t seem like this winter will be an exception. Warm and well-looking oversize style dress or sweater mixed with high boots and is a favorite winter wear of the season and an undeniable Must Have for everyone!

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Red and black.

As was mentioned earlier, such combination is a leader today. Such idea may not be suitable for everyone, but if you are a real femme fatale, choose an eye-catching red dress with black elements, and be confident that no one will be able to take off their eyes from you!

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The slip dress.

The slip dress with laces that looks exactly like a sleepwear is a relatively new trend that has already managed to catch the fancy of many women of fashion and does not cease to be actual during the holidays.

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The nobility, luxury, aesthetics – all this pops up in our mind when we think about velvet, and this season it had become another tendency so do not limit yourself and get yourself a stunning dress, jacket or skirt made of this material for this winter.


These are just a few of many awesome ideas for the upcoming winter holidays, so don’t be afraid to experiment and look for more outstanding tips, and then you will look great during this season!

How to save money on your outfits?

When we are talking about fashion, we often imagine a celebrity on a red carpet wearing super expensive clothes, but in fact, in the modern world, we have numerous opportunities to create awesome outfits without wasting too much money! Consider some of these ideas for students to follow fashion trends with a tight budget. After reading it, you will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that you can look glamorously and fashionable even if you had spent all of your money at college papers writing service.


Author’s bio: Robert Everett: I am a freelance writer currently based in Chicago. Solving students career and university problems. Having an interest in marketing and business.

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