#fGSTYLE: The African Fashion Industry Should Prepare For A Nose Mask Revolution Post COVID19 – Style Inspiration Inside

by Nana Tamakloe
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Any enhancements towards accessorizing outfits and clothes are amazing, and it seems the corona virus pandemic might be adding a new one to the world of African fashion.

A lot of the attributes towards precautions for the COVID19 virus is not new, most of them (if you are from an African house hold) are things your mother urged you to do that you didn’t think was so essential. Spraying your room with disinfectant, using hand sanitizers and so on. And although it wasn’t something you grappled onto religiously, as these times pass, it might be something that will stick with many of us despite how essential it is post Covid19.

However nose masks in Africa was not something on anybodies list prior to the Covid19, neither in much of the west. But in China, we have all seen how popular nose masks are. In fact not only in China but to the Chinese. Visitors around the world would have noticed a large number of Chinese people were nose masks in and out of their country. This is probably due to past experiences such as this.

So will this experience also leave the rest of the world adopting nose masks casually? And by all means it will definitely be designed to fit the narrative of our culture. Balaclava’s were once a trend, until it became a tool for crime also.

It seems fashion houses in Africa should definitely be looking at nose masks as a potential ongoing trend despite the demise or end of COVID19. There will be skepticism or people that feel their health is too precious to be infected by other despite COVID19. And then there will be those that want to be stylishly extra, all of whom will be embracing the nose mask trend.

Fabulous Nose Masks By US Based Fashion Brand Tidal Cool

Designers might need to be prepared to ensure for every outfit made there is a matching nose mask. And please Africa, explore creativity! Avoid the typical cliche of African fashion creativity where you make the print edition of something that exists and think you are a designer for doing so. Don’t just make the ‘African Print’ nose masks, explore beads, fringes, jewels, different shapes, artwork, alternative ways for it to sit on the head, please…..be designers. Enjoy some inspiration below from Nana Akua Addo and others.

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