#fGSTYLE: The Best Guide To Styling Your Sun & Panama Hats With 15 Hot Fashion Looks

by Christy Dagenham
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It’s not new but it will never get old, and that’s rimmed hats. Within this family of hats we see cowboy hats, bowler hats, top hats, Fedora hats, pork pie and many more. But the most common to women with style are the panama and sun hats.

If you thought trousers were the only fashion items women stole from men then you are far from right. It seems like we must have taken this at the same time, because 90% of style girls wearing the panama hat couple it with shorts and trousers, take note!

Most commonly with Jeans and a white top, you get the picture? It’s not the biggest statement when it comes to hats on women but it’s definitely one that won’t fail you.

However if you think the hat trend was too adrognyous yet that we are just getting started. In fact not only does it work best with trousers but it’s also commonly styled with button shirts, like the fashionistas below.

So now that we have picked up on the basics, pairing your hat with trousers, preferably jeans and a white shirt, let’s look at how best to diversify looks that will work best with your hat.

Jackets have always been a lovely booster when it comes to women wearing hats. With a jacket, you can still have the androgynous cause and effect whilst venturing into something a bit more feminine, like skirts, or jumpsuits, or even long flowing skirts.

See the following examples below….

A panama hat will always have a masculine edge to it, hence why if not trousers, the jacket brings in a fabulous fashion effect. It also very strongly speaks to women empowerment and embracing the edge of strength in fashion.

However, it isn’t a golden rule. you can do without the trousers nor the jacket, but there will be a bare feeling. It can still be well rocked if it works for you as seen below.

Last but not least, color coding, very essential. Take a leaf from the book of the two ladies above. Without implementing the androgynous effect of the hat, it is best to color-code your hat with your outfit, that way it is less noisy and might bring unwanted confused attention.

For when you have a bad wardrobe day and you are speaking to someone and you aren’t sure if their weird reactions is in regards to what you are talking about or whether they are traumatized by your style. See three lovely looks below.

When it comes to color coding, don’t let your hat stray away from your clothes. It can work, but only if you are extra eccentric and desperately in need of stares. Alternatively, you can pull a little away from your clothes and blend in with your skin tone. That to is a beauty.

Now that you know, we hope to you embark on a fabulous hat journey!


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