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There will always be a touch of elegance to whirling around the lady that chooses trousers as her own. This stigma stems from the office wear, informing us that a lady in trouser is most likely a working lady and had minimized her dependency on men to some extent. Although it may or be true in all cases stereotypes have a way of leading us on.

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Now taking that general thought of trousers, what happens when we splash was print all over it and create a colourful visual of smartly a dressed and well elegant woman in print? We are not talking mix match we are taking mono print look from head to toe.

Well here is the results in details. You get a style unifier. Someone one who uniquely appeals to one set of style in one way with one beautiful influence, and then appeals to another on the contrasting way they did for the alternative side.

In this case, print lovers will see the elegance and in another corporate looking women will see the trendy sense of freedom. It’s magical, see it below.

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