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Fashion trends in the new millennium usually do not last long, they haven’t been created off a long hard excruciating compilation of studies by experts that discover which colours will be in season.

Nor are they aroused by what the most modern or expensive fabric trends in the market are, and neither do they stem from designs on the runway by designers who have cooked up looks and designs for months after testing and presented it on the runway for a long haul process of business.


In this day and age, trends in fashion are usually what is spotted on Instagram and caught fire. And with no real push or marketing, its spotted in pockets of style influencers and then it disappears. Such as the last tiered dress trend we looked at which is still trending but might not do so for long.

#fGSTYLE: All The Recent Instagram Slayers Of The TIERED DRESS Trend; See Inside

Most times, when we report fashion trends here on, despite being fresh, they are usually already in motion already and then we open the bandwagon for our trendy followers to jump on.

However, there is something lingering online that caught our eye and although it might not be trending it possibly could do so soon, and that’s the cross-band dress by Og Temple.

Og Style Temple Kicks off The Cross Band Dress Trend Look

Og Style Temple is a Nigerian brand whose aesthetics is a combination of classic yet modern fashion and a play on balance between the feminine and edgy.

StyleTemple diffusion ready-to-wear line is a mixture of structured wearable pieces with a couture edge, clean geometric cuts and shapes with a standout detail.

Their latest cross-band dress might be the first to swirl around this potential cross band dress trend. The outfit was first modeled on the designer herself and then later on spotted on Nigerian celebrities like Chioma Goodhair and Nengi.

The look made its noise in September/October 2020 and that was generally about it for social media.

However, another Nigerian social media influencer and former model Tarmar also recently rocked a cross band looks. It happens to be almost of a totally different design however the emphasis on the cross band aesthetic to the dress as seen here.

Where Og Style Temples outfit sees a more ruched folded bodice segment of the dress, Tarmar’s look sees a straight shoulder to slit skirt style. Both of which are beyond lovely.

Variations Of The Cross Band Dress Could Lead To Newer Looks

Og Style Temple actually holds different versions of this dress, and the cross band design is not too far off from the emulation of a sash, giving the woman a more iconic or powerful look. This one uniqueness can create an appreciation for this potential trend in various ways.

Cross Band Suit
Cross Band Two Piece Suit

Already seeing the variation executed on here, including the various edits of Og Style Temple’s look, there is no saying what more creative style can be born out of the cross band design.

For now, if you are a fan of what you see above, do get to your personal tailor to get your cross band dress look edit, or check out OG Style Temple’s website or Tarmar’s designer at @goldbyretroreligion, and be on code.

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