fGTIPS: Things to Look For In Comfortable Shoes For Work


You can find heaps of information about how sitting all day at work can be bad for your body and how you can counter the adverse effects of it, there are also all kinds of products out there that help improve your body’s posture and make sure that your body doesn’t face any harsh consequences from having to sit all day long. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for jobs that require standing, there are a lot of hands-on jobs such as construction work, nurses in hospitals, teachers and more that require a person to either stand or walk for a large majority of the time when they are on duty.


Many people believe that if you keep on standing for a really long time, then it’s only natural that your body starts to ache after a while, while this isn’t entirely incorrect, these pains and aches aren’t unavoidable. Just like with sitting for hours and hours, bodily pains and fatigue can be reduced substantially by maintaining the right posture, and the best way to keep a proper posture when standing is to wear quality shoes that are designed to provide your feet with proper support. Studies show that people who spend more time standing during work often complain about pain in their feet, our feet take most of the punishment when we stand, and if they aren’t being supported by a well-shaped shoe, then they start aching, get covered in painful blisters that can cause immense discomfort and more.

Shoes do a lot more than just cover the wearer’s feet, they protect your sole from hard surfaces, improve the wearer's grip, absorb impact shock from running and walking and most of all, provide our feet with a comfortable shape to mold into. There are a lot of shoes out on the market that are designed specifically for people who need to stand and walk all day long, these shoes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be worn in a formal environment such as the office or for rough use as well. The one thing that all of these shoes have in common is the fact that their inner soles are designed to accommodate the wearer’s natural foot shape, shoes that aren’t able to do this end up applying pressure on the foot and can’t be worn for longer time periods without becoming uncomfortable.

The outer sole is designed to provide wearers with a better grip when walking and is made of materials that reduce the amount of impact shock being absorbed by the wearer’s legs and feet. Their outer soles are also designed to be more flexible around the front region of the shoe so that the shoe moves more naturally with the wearer’s feet while they walk, a good pair of shoes can make a monumental difference and can be spotted quite easily, simply trying one on will be enough to tell whether the shoe is suited for your foot or not.

The sole of the shoes matters a lot, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to a shoe’s upper portion, if you’re looking for formal shoes to wear to the office or semi-formal shoes to wear casually then you should go for shoes that have bodies made of soft leather. Soft leather is durable, yet it’s also quite flexible, shoes made of this material tend to flex more naturally with the wearer’s feet while providing ample protection. If you work somewhere hot then you can go for shoes that have better ventilation, these types of shoes are usually made of synthetic materials and have meshing in their upper body.

Lastly, when looking for a good pair of shoes you need to make sure that the pair that you buy has a firm yet comfortable grip on your feet, shoes with laces tend to provide the best grip and are preferred by a large number of people. However some people also like to go for shoes with Velcro strappings, these shoes are easier to put on, but their Velcro straps don’t provide the best grip and tend to wear out pretty fast. There are also shoes with no straps or laces at all, these shoes tend to be quite comfortable but since they don’t have the most dependable grip on their wearer’s feet they aren’t suited for use in more hands-on jobs.

Having the best work shoes for standing all day can make a significant improvement in your work life, by helping you maintain the right posture and by providing your feet with proper support these shoes reduce the chances of any unwanted pains plaguing your lower torso, ensuring that you can work your job more efficiently.

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