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Ghana Trends & Style Tips 

A dress by Balmain seems to be inspiring a lot of looks in the world of African fashion, ok to be factual 4 looks so far. One of which we can’t trace the image we saw. The dress was also spotted on Beyonce at the Roc Nation party prior to going viral as seen below.

Last month we gave Sima Brew some slack for absolutely mimicking the dress for style goddess Zynelle Zuh, however the trademark of the outfit where the dress sees a shoulder fabric overlay seems it could possible storm Africa AseObi Styles.

The Sima Brew dress was rocked by Zynelle to the VGMA’s, however shortly after we saw these outfits also inspired by Balmain’s Spring 2019 Haute Couture.

The dress above was rocked by Lilly Afe made by Suzanne Emmanuel a Nigerian fashion brand. This is totally nothing like the Balmain dress but has picked up on the shoulder overlay trend. Which omits a totally different status from the previous.

Another outfit that also embraced the shoulder overlay we spotted was this beautiful outfit below, however we couldn’t trace the originator or the lady in the image.

The one off shoulder look has always been a trend in African fashion, even with Ghanaian men who were the kente and funeral clothes. Could it be why this should fabric overlay may be quickly resonating with African fashion? Whether it will last is another thing, creating a dress where the fabric can maintain it’s height over the person won’t be so easy, let alone after cleaning. However, there are always ways around and and this might be something we might see more of.


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