Five Accessorizing Rules You Do Not Need to Follow Anymore

by olu
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I am sure you have heard on many occasions that rules are meant to be bent or broken; and if you are someone who loves adventure, it is pretty dem sure that rules will make you rigid, especially when it comes to fashion.

I believe fashion should be experimental and there’s no singular way to conduct an experiment. Rules are made to be broken. Yes, that’s the number one rule you should follow when it comes to fashion and style. Of course, there are some style rules that we should abide by, but others are just oh-so-ridiculous.

In the course of this post, we will be focusing on accessories. I know there are set down rules for accessorizing but that is so last year. Here are some accessorizing rules you should definitely break. Believe it or not, it’s all about how you pull your whole look together, and how you use accessories to reflect your personal style and not about the rules.

  1. Don’t mix silver and gold jewellery.

It’s totally okay to mix silver and gold jewellery. If you’re wearing a silver tone watch, it’s perfectly acceptable to stack up golden bracelets next to it. Also, a rings party looks great when you have the perfect mix of silver and gold rings. Don’t you think it gets boring when everything is matchy-matchy? However, experimenting with dainty jewellery pieces is the best way to mix silver and gold jewellery if you still have doubts.

  1. Less is more

Coco Chanel once said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Well, Coco does have a point, sometimes, less is more. However, I do believe that more is more, you just need to strategically pick your accessories, and make sure that you don’t look like a crazy person. Just to affirm, more is more when it comes to your stacked bracelets or rings party.

  1. Always match your handbag, shoes, and belt

It might have been the trend back in the days, but the coordinated set look should be immediately abandoned, as it’ll only make you look outdated. Add more interest to your outfit by mixing and matching your accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades, textures and styles.

  1. Sneakers are only for the gym

Gone are the days when sneakers were only for the gym. Sneakers are now trendy more than ever, worn with everything from jeans, to skirts and dresses. You can make them work with a casual outfit, or even clash them with a dressed up look. A pair of shoes that combines functionality, comfort and style? Of course, we’d never say no to that.

  1. Tall girls shouldn’t wear heels

Says who? Tall or short, girls should wear whatever they desire without anyone dictating them on what to do. So tall girls, wear heels, chin up and just walk away. And for the short girls, I say ‘wear taller heels.

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