Five Life Saving And Fashionable Outfits You Should Definitely Own


Every fashionista will agree that choosing outfits to wear is not an easy thing especially if you are looking to look your best but thanks to easy outfits that are a good pick on any given day, they sometimes save us from all that hustle.

Not only are these outfits an easy pick, but no matter what the occasion is, matching it up with another another outfit, a little accessories and a good looking feet wear can give you a great look and you will be good to go.

1.Jeans- They are the number one life saving easy wear you can never do away with. No matter where you are stepping to, jeans will always be a perfect pick to match with anything.

2. Shirt dress/Boyfriend tops- These replacement of short dresses always does the magic. It can give you a simple chick look, just match it with a good foot wear- sneakers or heels and accessories right, and you are on the go.

3. Shorts– They are one easy pick and wear that never disappoints if you want a simple, casual but slay look. Match it with a nice top and foot wear – best sneakers and you are good good to roll.

4. Dungarees- If you own one, then you need not to to worry over what to wear all the time because it can save you on any given day plus you can style it in different ways. For a casual look, you can style it with any top or even a simple tube and then match it with your foot wear. Or you can simply throw a coat on it and match it with a heel for a more classy look.

5. Long coats– You might think its a not a pick but its definitely a life saver. If you are having hard time choosing an outfit and you own a long coat, just get it, throw on a belt and get your nice heel and bag to match like Karen did, and there, a perfect classy look.

6. Jumpsuits- Just like jeans, jumpsuits are one hell of a life saving outfit and you cannot go wrong with it. You throw it on and you don’t have to think of which other outfit to match it with. You just get your shoe, bag and accessories to match and you are on your way to go.


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