Founder Of Next Top Model, Tyra Banks 39, Kissing Rapper Lil Bow 26 Wow On TV

by AtinukeIghodalo
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tyraIs this Role Model Behavior, or simply Model Behavior?

The much talked about Africa’s Next Top Model is already on the way, with auditions taking place in 8 or so African countries. In the wake of these events, some of us are just getting to know about the competition on an international level. What you will know by now is the founder of the Next Top Model franchise is now all over the news.

Tyra Banks has just ended herself a new publicity stunt which has gotten the media around the world excited. Tyra Banks and Bow Wow can’t keep their hands, or should we say lips, off each other! The 39-year-old supermodel and the 26-year-old rapper were both on BET’s 106 & Park yesterday, where they reenacted some lip-locking PDA from their pasts.

“We have serious history,” Banks said to the audience. “He had a little crush on me and was hitting me up on Twitter nonstop. I think he was talking about wanting to know what my lips taste like and stuff.”


Banks then played a video of when she let Bow Wow give her a kiss back when he visited her on The Tyra Show. In the spirit of their PDA past, Banks then proceeded to lay her legs across Bow Wow’s lap before giving him a sweet smooch as the audience went crazy.

After the show, Bow Wow posted a video on Instagram with the caption, “TYRA KISS MY LIPS TWICE.” “Tyra touched these lips!” he screams excitedly in the clip. Banks also teased on Twitter before kissing Bow Wow on the show, “These stand 4my name or Tyra&BowWow? @106andPark 2day shud give u answer.” In the twitpic, Banks shows off her T and B initial earrings, which she was wearing during the kiss.

Tyra also stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show this week to promote America’s Next Top Model and teach Fallon how to pose seductively pose the camera. The two got superclose, hugging each other and getting awkwardly sexy for an imaginary photo shoot (LOL!). However, there was no Fallon-Banks lip-locking during the visit.


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