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Ghana Celebrity Watch 

Sarkodie caught a few blow backs years ago when he fired at manifest for rocking African prints, later this year the blows returned when he was seen rocking African print clothes by GGbespoke for his birthday images. Read it below.

Ghanaian’s Torment Sakodie For Wearing African Print On His Birthday & Here Is Why! Read What Manifest Had To Say!

However, at the recent iYes conference which saw Bola Ray break down about the demise of EIB Network, Sarkodie also gave a motivational speak. But more than given a motivational speech he seized the opportunity to do so in a fabulous African print top.

This was his message to double up on the blow backs that him rocking prints was not only a birthday issue. Or an acknowledgement that his attacks on manifest (the rapper) clothing was wrong. But instead he made a point to show the public and his fans the real direction he is heading in. Especially to dawn such fashion as such a conference this might just have been his message of growth.

The question is why would any intent for Sarkodie to support African fashion be different to that of Manifest & Okyeame Kwame? Well here is how it goes. For those who know hip hop, Manifest by no doubt will be classed under the conscious category, always producing music to make one thing a little deeper into things as well as topics that are inspirational.

Believe it or not, but conscious music tends to reach more those living a good enough life to not be facing poverty dilemas but those that have time to live by the book. And it is very prevalent when one looks at his following. So all though he consistently rocks African fashion his influences will cut across the affluent fields of trendy Ghana.

Okyeame Kwame on the other hand is a legend who has been making music for the generations before us. He is a well respected mature man that publishes just as much family images as Obama. Although he is a stench promotion of African fashion like manifest his reach will touch down on the mature side of society.

Sarkodie on the other hand, has proven to be one of the most trendiest male figures in Ghana. From his tight suit game to his Kanye West like fashion sense. He is hardly spotted not looking admirable and even when he is rugged he still maintains his fresh appeal.

With a large number audience of Ghanaians that cuts across all ages and nationalities, Sarkodie’s venture into African fashion might just be a full turning point for young Ghanaian males and Africans in general to value African brands adding onto the work Manifest and Okyeame Kwame have been executing. Maybe, just maybe, it may need one of either two, Stonebwoy or Shatta Wale to nail the coffin. But for now, Sark is definitely the missing piece to the influence puzzle.

Sometime in 2013, when FashionGHANA started, we wrote articles criticism celebrities that did not rock African print. Shortly after that we saw D Black take a bold step rocking in on concert and getting a load of Ghanaian artists to rock African fashion, and it was beyond fabulous. When we spotted him afterwards, he gave us a nod that we caused that act. Let’s see if we can stir up that pressure again. Share this till they see it.

VIDEO: Fuse ODG & Sarkodie Launch African Pride Fashion Stylish Nana In Ghana, Everything Your Daughter Needs


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