From Slick Woods To Motherhood; A Look At How Pregnancy Has Destroyed Modeling Careers

by Nana Tamakloe
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Motherhood has been the end of most models careers, it takes away much time, in some cases the commercial beauty of the lady. And in the pop star world of admirers and hopeful lovers, it can also take away fans.

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And in the modelling industry filled with the young, it’s only natural most girls are going to be promiscuous at the height of their careers. Literally you are flying all over, meeting all sorts of male model hunks, already rich off your beauty so no need to be chosey, and working in an industry with a lot of sexual predators it is almost inevitable to get pregnant unplanned if not careful.

Young Jourdan Dunn is one of the few models that survived success after pregnancy as a model. It wasn’t long ago when Jourdan Dunn was expected to be the next big supreme superstar. She was even being modeled after Naomi Campbell and then boom, pregnancy arose. Her career went silent for a very long time and resurrected so slowly one won’t know it had returned. She still models successfully and still very beautiful but not deemed to be the super star people expected her to be back then in public opinion.

A young pregnant Jourdan Dunn

Naomi Campbell on the other hand is the world’s biggest super model. Can you believe it? A black woman carries this title out of sheer hard work. But also notice how we have no clue about children in her case. If she does we surely don’t know about it. And which of the two it may be it most likely is related to get career.

So now we come to Slick Woods aka Simone Thompson, an American fashion model, known for her bald head, gapped teeth, and tattoos. Woods is a part of the “Social Media Modeling” or “Instagirl” movement as she has followers in the six-figure range. She has most notably modeled for Marc Jacobs.

Definitely a shocking beauty that was growing fast and then BOOM, she gets pregnant. We haven’t researched into her love life but Slickwoods didn’t hesitate to make her pregnancy a part of her career. The young girl has featured in many campaigns, even some with the belly out. And unlike previous models she is also taking her motherhood onto the public light.

Would this alternative looking model now bare the ‘She is a mother stigma’ with her on her modeling journey? Or would she still manage to woo her admirers like Kim Kardashian did after pregnancy. Or will she be able to open a new path to success as a model as a well publicized mother? In one sense it is a shame that a model willing to be successful will have to put any pregnant aspirations on hold. But then it is not only models, it also goes for actors, singers, and more. And also in many cases male models and their fans.

There will always be a large portion of your fans base that admire you. And even though they have not practical or literal plan or intent to date you, it happens to be the aspect that creates their intimate fan and icon relationship. Once one gets married or pregnant that can base is lost and marketers and advertisers are very well aware of that and react to it which creates a drop of the icon in demand.

Let’s see what the future holds for Slickwoods. For now enjoy her mother daughter pictures. But there couldn’t be a lovelier caption shared by the young model in her instagram post below… “EEverything that I’m not but somehow everything that I am”

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