Fun Things To Do Virtually With Family For Holidays

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There is no doubting the fact that in these days of COVID-19, family life has been turned upside down. Indeed, there are families that now have no choice but to keep their distance from each other, and this can be especially hard when you hail from a large family. However, we also live in a day and age of immense technology, so even though we have been forced apart, we can still be together as long as we just do some improvising. Here are some suggestions for virtual family activities that we all can partake in:

Family Dinner

Yes, believe it or not, you actually can do a family dinner on a virtual basis. It might not quite be the same as being right there with them, but it’s a pretty close second. One way that you do it would be through a meetup app such as zoom or Facebook messenger. Using this medium, the first thing you could do is simply show all of your cooking endeavors, and then you could have informal chit-chat online as well! After the meals have been prepared, you all can sit down to eat in your respective locations and show off your final dishes!

Story Time

There are literally millions of people who enjoy a good children’s book, and this isn’t just limited to children either. Adults love to read children’s books to the kids in their care, and there is even a new initiative on Instagram called “@savewithstories”. This program is a great way to help children learn with the built-in screen sharing feature of Instagram. Of course, initiatives like this don’t last forever. However, you would do well to keep your eyes open for other similar programs where you can do story time with your grandchildren or other young relatives!

Old Home Movies

What family doesn’t love watching old home movies, simply because of the fact that it illustrates their family history? The best thing about this is that you can get them online and share them virtually with your family. You can use Plex and many other programs to do this. Even though you and your family members might be separated by distance because of this illness, they can still reminisce about all of the good times they’ve had!

Family History

Another great virtual activity that you and the rest of the family can do would be a family history. You can engage them by utilizing such sights as You also can use that sight to build your family DNA and discover your genetic roots. This is not only a great way to build your family tree, but it will help family members feel proud of their heritage as well.

Birthday Parties

Chances are you might miss a few birthday parties while you are in quarantine. However, this is 2020, so you can still have a birthday party for someone you care about even while you are in quarantine. Just use Facebook Messenger, Skype, or some other video app, and you will be able to at least sing happy birthday to them. Additionally, there are plenty of birthday party ideas available on the web for you to consider.

Recognize Major Milestones

While this isn’t necessarily a family activity per se, there are still plenty of ways for you to recognize major milestones. Of course, one of the most tried-and-true ways would be through sending them some extra funds through the Western Union money transfer app.


Rest assured, whatever the occasion might be, there are plenty of ways that you can virtually celebrate!


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