Ghana Launches International Online African Fashion Boutique With Great Designers


shoes5legsYes, there is a lovely international fashion boutique recently launched in Ghana, and guess what? It is hosted right incase you have not checked it out yet, you can see some of Ghana’s best designs at

So it wasn’t easy, but ever since December we have been working hard to get some of the most outstanding and mouth dropping garments to fixate on our boutique. We had to dig deep to find real classic designers, and great emerging designers that may not always create profiles online, or do not appear on fashion shows.

Although it took a while, we had a great time digging for these fine garments reviewing images, visiting boutiques, reviewing designs from some of the fashion events we recorded and a lot more. So now its here for you. The boutique brings to you quality high fashion African designs and creativity as well as high street fashion and casual print clothes with reasonable prices even when the cost of international delivery is included.


The boutique, by our account, is already proving successful. The boutique was launched by promotion last week Thursday (9th May 2013) and within that time 3 items were gratefully sold. Since then till now, we have managed to sell an extra 7 items, 4 local and 3 internationally. If you are wondering what goodies you are missing out on, click on the Boutique tab above.


We are more than honored for the consistent support of our visitors. The boutique is new but very chic, we are finding our feet around this. A lot of lovely designs, and a lot more to come from various designers. Now, no matter where you reside, you can guarantee yourself that Ghana’s greatest fashion is now just a few clicks away. guaranteed services, fast delivery, and full confirmation before proceeding with delivery. So join us and lets make success out of African talent and beauty. You can also support by retweeting, sharing, plusing and telling friends about the boutique. All support is highly loved.




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