Ghanaian Hip Life Artists Explains How His Father Introduced Patched Jeans To The United States As Seen Cardi B & Many Others

by Nana Tamakloe
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Believe it or not, A Ghanaian man is claiming the inventor of the fashion trend patched jeans were created by his father, and this man goes by the name of Reggie Rockstone, founder of Ghanaian musical genre, Hip-Life.

Reggie Rockstone is a Ghanaian rapper. He was born in the United Kingdom but lived his early years in Ghana in Kumasi and Accra. He has been living in Ghana continuously since he pioneered the Hip-Life movement in 1994.

Patched jeans is a style fabulous way to repair and recycle used jeans. The trend born in the USA has served as a trend that emerged from low-income housing areas (as most other trends) and made its way to the top. The trend has been rocked by all kinds of stars, musicians, and walks of life.

Reggie Rockstone claims his father was the brains and founder behind this unique style and that he received little to no credits when the American society took on his dad’s work. In a recent instagram post, the Ghanaian celebrity wrote…

“SO I CANT STOP SAYING THIS THO! MY FATHER INVENTED THE “patch jeans” style in the 70s for Yankee and got sum ok props for it ( there he is modeling his own🙏🏿) DOLCE DO SAME AND ITS HUGE ( cardi Dey wear for this pic) LIFE NO FAIR OR LIFE DEY BLEACH?😳😂 so where dem see for eh??? #blackshadamatterz #daben #enoeasyo #oneday THE LEGENDARY ST OSSEI WE SALUTE YA🙏🏿✊🏿🇬🇭 @iamcardib ALL TAG SISTA CARDI 😂🇬🇭😜 #shenosabi”

In one sense, as many would assume, this could be a bogus claim by the hiplife founder. On the other hand, there could be some validity to it. The sharp minds behind creatives in Ghana are what produced the origins of Asasa Print. Asasa print for many who don’t know is the conjoining of African print fabrics to produce a multi print result, at times even more beautiful than a plain print outfit.

Asasa is a fabric type dear to the hearts of Ghanaian craftsmen. It’s the result of creatives that wanted to save resources by making use of leftover cut out fabrics they used. It developed as a major attraction to the point where companies began printing such designs. One amazing result of the Asasa print would be spotted here.

#STYLEGIRL: Nigeria’s Charlsy Asasa Print Shift Dress Is Taking Over The African Fashion World Online

The patched jeans-style as that in the picture Reggie Rockstone shared of his dad isn’t far off from this tactic of fabric creation. In fact, one can claim it’s the same as that of Ghana’s traditional Asasa print. His father being a former fashion designer from Ghana, could make absolute sense why it most likely could be true his dad might have taken the Ghanaian asasa tradition and implemented it to jeans.


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