Ghanaian Models Set To Hit The Streets In Numbers In A Peace Walk Ahead Of Presidential Elections


Ghana is ranked as a very peaceful country and we all know election times can be rough, emotional, and at times violent and dangerous. However, this year one will expect to see a number of models execute a peace march/walk on the 3rd of December courtesy of MODUGA (Models Union Of Ghana) titled, the modelling Industry Peace Walk.


The peace walk will be executed in the same week at the elections which will be on the 7th of December. Some feel the tension may be to high to come out. In fact usually at this time there are regulation to prevent public events from being executed. However, in the name of peace it is very unlikely any harmful acts will be executed.

Last week, members of MODUGA arranged a successful peace walk of in Upper East Region Of Ghana.
Last week, members of MODUGA arranged a peace walk of in Upper East Region Of Ghana.

MODUGA is a union in Ghana which has branded itself with the slogan ‘Voice of The Modeling Industry’ was set up various agents in Ghana with a purpose to challenge unfair payments of models in Ghana. The union operates through a serious of whatsapp groups and now with an office in Kanda.

MODUGA model on the runway at the Upper East's Peace Walk Fashion Show
MODUGA model on the runway at the Upper East’s Peace Walk Fashion Show
Violence during Ghana election times has not only been limited to fights errupting out of political disagreements, but more recently rumours have spread surrounding witchcraft and rituals at which it is believed people have been kidnapped and sacrificed to witch doctors in order for various entities to support their candidates to win.

Although there has been no formal story proving such, The general belief is that such acts may not be generally linked to the official candidates but other beneficiaries of their party. So our advice for all especially young girls when outing at night.

1/ Never travel alone.
2/ When boarding any public transport, always snap and send the number plate to an associate.
3/ Never drink too much, never leave your drink and return to it and do not accept a drink from a stranger. To be extra safe from anyone.

For more information on the walk, click here.

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