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Ghana Celebrity Watch 

Ghanaian musician, Michael Owusu Addo popularly called Sarkodie is a year older today, July 10, 2019.

The BET award winner has shared photos of himself in matching African print jacket and trousers as he celebrates his 34th birthday. The father-of-one is among the few fashionable male celebrities in Ghana who also promotes and support local designers.

The exquisite apparel was paired with a necklace made of traditional beads and of course, the King of rap never steps out with his stylish sneakers.

I think this is a fabulous and great move for African fashion, whether he was paid to give GGBespoke a highlight is questionable, however in our moment of celebration Sarkodie finally dawning African prints, the hip hop music part of the Ghanaian world have been giving him the longest cricifixion ever and here is why.

In a heated rap battle executed in 2018 with Ghanaian lyricist Manifest (known for wearing African print clothes), Sarkodie through a shot at him he never knew will come and hit him today. The king of azonto rapper stated…..”Mide3 MI swag y3 dapper, obi b3 dissi MI a 3nny3 rapper )Di GTP ntuma pam kaba” which translates to “Me My swag is Dapper, if anyone will insult me, not a rapper who uses GTP to saw Kaba”. GTP is an African print company in Ghana, and Kaba is a popular Ghanaian womens outfit in Ghana.

He continued “dope rapper ben ne de Wooden pam kaba” which translates to Which dope rapper uses woodin to sew kaba. The lines were actually fairly offensive to many Ghanaian’s, not because of the style of clothes, but it appeared as an insult to our culture. Even we, fans of Sarkodie, had to voice our opinion on it, catch up here….

How The Battle Of Ghanaian Rappers Sarkodie & M.anifest Has Sparked Fashion Talks

Fast forward to today on Sarkodie’s Birthday…..

But in all honesty, we don’t see this as some secret hypocritical ‘came out the closet’ moment for Africa’s number one rapper, in fact it seems more like a major public statement he is making to acknowledge his maturity and growth. It will be silly to believe he wasn’t aware he would be hit hard.

Nevertheless, he was welcomed by his brother Manifest, read Manifests tweet below.

Like Manifest, we forgive him, we love him, happy Birthday and welcome onboard the African fashion train.


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