Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2013 Postponed To November – One Month After Ghana Fashion & Design Week

Model At Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2013


Two great events in Ghana, possibly within a month apart. Glitz Africa Fashion Week which was launched last year as a product of Glitz Magazine created international awareness for African designers from various countries who came to exhibit in Africa. The event was beautifully organised and sponsored by Tigo.

The event which was set to take place September this year as reported earlier here on has now been postponed til November. Rumour has it that the organizers wanted to ensure with the growing expectations of Ghanaian fashion, the anticipated fashion week meets up to the standards of the Glitz brand.


Without a particular date publicized, this lands Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2013 a month right after Ghana Fashion And Design Week 2013. Two major and heavily branded events in their own ways. Glitz Africa Fashion Week which is heavily branded among the locals via TV and local media, news papers etc, as well as in other African countries that participated. And Ghana Fashion And Design Week that was heavily branded via social media, blogs and press of foreign mainstream fashion press, as well as gaining attention from the western countries in which Ghanaian designers came from to exhibit.

Model At Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2013
Model At Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2013

Is this a hazard? Of course not, there should be a fashion week every month as far as Ghana is concerned. Although, both events should really be seen as fashion weekends at their current state. Nevertheless, until our boutiques, our night clubs, our work places, and our TV cast are completely filled with home grown designs and brands, bring it on! As long as they can reduce the price of the outrageous costly tickets.

A main concern for both organisations is how can their events further establish the designers and take their appeal to the day to day citizen. The only trend that is becoming obvious at these major African fashion shows and fashion weeks is attendees not wearing anything by any of these African designers, before, during and after the shows. Almost as if those who were African fashion are distanced from the fashion industry and the alleged brand names, and those in the African fashion industry don’t wear or support it.


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