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So we missed out on bringing you news about the Gorilla Glue girl. To our discredit, the whole story just seemed so stupid! A lady puts glue in her hair and complains that it is stuck. What else did she expect? Then sues the glue company?

Yes her name is Tessica Brown, and just so we are clear, she is not a girl, she is a fully grown 40year old mother of five.

Ghanaian Doctor Removes The Glue

Luckily for her, she managed to get it all out courtesy of a fantastic GHANAIAN-born plastic surgeon Michael K. Obeng. The kind-hearted doctor did the $12,500 job for free if one excludes the tremendous amount of promotion and publicity that derived from it.

Michael Obenj with Tessica

However, it looks like she wants to stick around for a while.

According to the, the Louisiana woman who went viral after getting Gorilla Glue globbed in her hair has taken a big step toward making her 15 minutes of fame last as long as a scalp full of adhesive — and has hired a full-blown celebrity management team, including an agent.

Tessica Launches Her Gorilla Glue Girl Clothing Brand

Tessica Brown, 40, has teamed up with the professional fame experts in addition to recently unveiling her merchandise line, days after returning home from her hair-saving surgery in Beverly Hills.

Tessica Brown Gets Celebrity Management To

The mother of five has partnered with Gitoni, who represents celebrities like Blac Chyna, Lamar Odom and Tommy Lee and provides product placement, marketing, celebrity management and casting for scripted and reality television.

Tessica Brown with her manager, Gina Rodriguez

Imagine what managing the Gorilla Glue Girl would be like…..“Those are screws don’t eat them”, “That’s a basket ball, don’t wear it”

Brown has also teamed up with BMB talent agency, which specializes in branding, social media marketing and endorsements, according to her Instagram page.

A Look Into Her Fashion Brand

gorilla glue girl
Tessica Brown wears a sweatshirt with her face on it after having Gorilla Glue surgically removed from her hair.

She was photographed over the weekend wearing a sweatshirt from her new clothing line — featuring a cartoon image of herself. The line includes $28 T-shirts, $50 sweatshirts and $45 sweatpants.

Brown launched the line with posts on social media, saying, “Feeling blessed” — and is already making a “small fortune,” according to TMZ.

Something You Should Know About Gorilla Glue

It is only for use on products like stone, foam, metal, ceramic, glass and other materials. A very essential message, especially to parents of five!

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