Granny Hair Trend Might Be Streaming Down A Different Course In Africa – Grey Hair Braids



So there is a grey/granny hair trend, a not so popular one that was kicked off a while ago amongst a few ladies, I think it was blown up by a Kim Kadarshian selfie a few months ago (I could be wrong). A few websites wrote about the new style and so forth.



Well fast forward till now, some African women are picking up on the grey hair style, the granny hair trend. I won’t call what they are doing a trend as of yet, but to count, roughly 5 random ladies have appeared on my facebook friend list with it, all in the same week.

However, what we are looking at is not ladies daring enough to dye the beautiful hue out of the black afros or permed hair, nor are we looking at ladies buying grey weaves, which I did see a couple in the UK. But instead we are looking at a different style, this is your normal braids with grey/white streaks.

To put things in perspective, this is not to say our African ladies have originated the grey hair braids, grey hair braids have been worn much longer before the granny hair trend picked up. However it seems it has only shed light in Africa following the granny hair trend, and I am spotting it across my colleagues all in the space of one week. Who know where this will go. Check out some of the images below and let us know your thought.

Christy Ukata: Ghana based Nigerian presenter

lola maja
Lola Maja, leading Nigerian Celebrity Make Up artist

Barbara Nekis
Barbara Nekis, trendy Young girl


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  1. I think this will look good on younger people but for older people it might make them look more aged than they are.


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