Hot Shots: Seb Photography Exposes Guinean Beauty Aicha Sakho in Senegal

by FashionGHANA Admin
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Once again we receive stunning images from Gabons very own Seb Photography (also in our directory), shooting what we would say is a very precious dime in Senegal. This precious dime was born and raised in Senegal, but Guinea Bissau by origin. See these lovely images that also capture the warm feel of the beautiful country Senegal.

Valentina (Centred), 1st Runners Up, Afiba (Left), 2nd Runners Up, Comfort Gamel (Right)


The images above are simply featured and not specifically exclusive to E-Mag. To view shoots in our E-Mag Click any of our two Bi-monthly covers to views our fashion stories. Swing to the left to select from our fashion covers, and to the right to select from our industry cover.

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Note: These are exclusive shoots for E-Mag, seperate to Model Books/Test Shoots seen here.

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