Style Influencer Hamamat Condemns Chinese Police Taking Command In Zambia

by Nana Tamakloe
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Social media influencer and popular Ghanaian entrepreneur Hamamat recently took to her social media platform to condemn the Chinese take over of African police.

Influencer Hamamat is not excited about Chinese Police in Zambia

Hamamat who has over 900,000 followers supporting a picture criticizing the presence of China in the Zambian police force. The caption by ASV News in the image posted by Hamamat stated…“Chinese now take command of Zambia Police. What a shame. Soon other African countries will follow. China is Desperate to colonize Africa again. Stop this madness and stop borrowing from China.”

Hamamat Speaks On Chinese Police In Zambia

Hamamat doubled down on the criticism by adding her own caption as seen above. “Not a happy day #KingsQueens…Chinese police in Zambia has not stopped….Rise up #KingsandQueens”.

The irregular activities of the Chinese in Africa are growingly becoming disturbing. Recently in South Africa, the ruling party swore a Chinese immigrant into Parliament which caused an uproar by the South African citizens as reported by

South Africa vs ANC

The appointment and swearing-in of a Chinese immigrant, Xiaomei Havard by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) has so far sparked outrage among many South Africans with the hashtag #NoChineseInSAParliament trending on Twitter in South Africa.

Xiaomei Harvard Sworn In South Africa’s Parliment

This also was not welcomed by the citizens.

Government Compromised In Ghana

Only two weeks ago, the Ghanaian military was discovered to be protecting Chinese illegal immigrant miners pillaging Ghana’s Manso Forest.

The story was uncovered by Joy News, where a violent clash was witnessed between the military and the Environmental Task Force that caught them. Watch below.

It seems most of Africa’s governments may be compromised by China at this point, even right here in Ghana. This issue also seemed to be at the center of US politics of which former president Trump stood fiercely against.

Celebrity Voices

Celebrities and fashionistas like Hmamat do not always voice the opinions on race-related issues nor politics, but it’s refreshing when they do and they do so genuinely and not for the clout of payment.

Ghana Celebrity Watch 

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