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Ankara and African fashion blogs are still going gaga over Mhiss Nana’s FashionGHANA Honours & Awards (FGHA) dress. The FGHA Best Style Influencer nominee seemed to have left the building being the most viralled lady to attend the event. So let’s take a look why.

The first/ The prints were beautiful used perfectly for the outfit. This is more than a simply usage of fabric pieced together for one outfit. In fact, the invert of print colours brings emphasis to the bodice all whislt the circular patterns enhance her bust area. Very crafty use of the circular print.

The Second/ Simplicity that isn’t so simple. Although the general appearance might come across as a simple overall skater dress, there is much more to the detail. The inbedded belt like strap to the waist front. The embroided deign at the bust, the pleating down the skirt all show that that dress is not as simple as it might come across. It’s almost like listening to a song but continuously discovering a deeper beauty to it via meaningful lyrics and hidden rhythms.

Thirdly/ Cross over effect. Most times people who like print looks take on bold contrasting colours, however although using African prints, Mhiss Nana maintained a colour that at least counted for 95% green. This will even appeal to those that at times can feel bold prints are too noisy.

What more can we say, she definitely nailed it at the FashionGHANA Honours & Awards!

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