Hot Shots: African American Celebrities Get Styled Up The African Way By @Denny_Ow (Denny Owusu)


Seeing Jay Z and Chris Brown in African attire is nothing new to the public and their followers, however Ghanaian illustrator Denny Owusi took the celebrities to a new level and even included more such as Drake, Rick Ross, Rihanna, etc.


Maybe it’s just me, but with all the bragging of their status, this may just be the first time seeing them in clothes that match the image projected. Enjoy the illustration and see the celebrities below.

jay z
Jay Z in traditional Nigerian Yoruba Attire.

nikki minaj
Nikki Minaj in traditional Ghanaian Kente Attire.

rick ross
Rick Ross in Nigerian style

p diddy
P Diddy in traditional Kente Cloth, Ghanaian Style

chris brown
Chris Brown in Allahji Style fashion

Drake In Batakari

megan good
Megan Good in Gele

Rihanna In South African Traditional Zulu hat and Fashion.


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