Hot Shots: Beautiful Women Of Cape Verde Send Out A Strong Message That Big Is Beautiful; Even In Summer



Summer is the season in which we all enjoy pleasure and leisure time with family and friends. It is also in this season that the body is exposed, either by using less clothes – cooler clothes – spending time at the beach, pools and practicing outdoor activities.


Unfortunately, due to the strong pressure that society exerts, particularly on women, dictating the aesthetic and body beauty standards that must be followed, many women do not feel comfortable with some clothes, for example the bikinis or bathing suits, because they are convinced that their bodies are not upto standards for this dress code.

Therefore, these photos aim to break this prejudice, showing women and society in general that being fat is not ugly, for beauty has nothing to do with the values on the scale or the cloth size!

Physical appearance is not and should not be an indicator of women beauty. Whether fat or thin, the key is to feel good about yourself, be healthy and feel confident enough to use the cloth you feel sexy and comfortable with.

Because your body size or weight does not define your beauty!











Prodution: Negra Plus Size Project
Photographer: Paulo Santos

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