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Ghana Hot Shots 

Lillian Lui is one of Canada’s best fantasy photographers, and being best at a hard task already is an achievement. She recently shot this amazing editorial which has found it’s way into the viral world of African fashion despite not having any African fashion involved.

The images capture a beautiful golden queen/goddess in an enchanted land wielding her power of beauty. Before the images below is the text published under the editorial by the photographer.

I wanted to vary my editing while trying a spectrum- ranging from highly edited, to more natural (minus colour correction). Which one do you think has the least amount of editing?

Here is Theresa Theresa, who I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of years back, looking like a golden goddess. She’s wearing Linda Friesen , with hair by @iamdhair_stylist and makeup by @ladyfreakshow ❤️. I also used Lume Cube to help me light her due to the cloudy skies!

Now enjoy the beauty!

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