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Ghana Look Books 

Moshoodat’s is one amazing make up artists serving beyond amazing editorial images across the web, but the US based brand is also the creative behind some mean (meaning good) necklaces. The necklace line goes under the Moshoodat’s Crown collection.

And within this collection are a series of head gear, necklaces, golden claws and much more. The truth if there is African beauty and style, however today we tend to limit ourselves to what fits in perfectly with modern society. Even when we do embrace our African fashion, we tend to embrace the African or print edit of what is already out there and stylish amongst the west, until we see the western culture embrace it before we step out screaming….”cultural appropriation, cultural appropriation”.

Brands like Moshoodat are already exploring this reality and giving us the chance to be African ahead of the trending movements. This editorial below is just fab and simply a few items of her work. You can always find out more at See these images below.


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