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In this era, with lots of fast fashion and designs move from catwalk quickly to capture current fashion trends, Afropian continues to remain consistent with its creative artistry producing core cultural goods with designs that are non the less rooted in African culture.

In all cases fast fashion clothing collections are based on the most recent fashion trends presented at Fashion Week in both the spring and the autumn of every year. However with the essential work or the amazing artisans behind the Afropian brand and more of that sort, fashionistas around every corner are not only limited to mass consuption trends but are able to divert or mix their styles with cultural and meaningful fashion.

A lot of this work can be attributed to some of the great artisans behind the brand. See the below.

This is Mamadou, from Ivory Coast, our Batik virtuoso.
Mamadou, like all of their artisans, he uses a traditional technique, whereby he carves his designs into wooden stamps, then uses liquid wax and dye to imprint cotton. He is inspired by what surrounds him: nature, people and his culture. He was trained by his father as a teenager, but, having no children of his own, laments the fact that he cannot find an apprentice to pass on his knowledge. They use his batik for our very popular blankets, their Gabitiks, as well as other products such as bags or scarves.

See others below….

For more information on Afropian visit their facebook page www.facebook.com/proudlyafropian


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