Living with sensitive skin can prove to be a challenge. According to the U S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, sensitive skin is a condition that is characterized by stinging, burning, and itching sensations. These sensory reactions are triggered by a number of environmental factors, such as cold, heat, sun, and pollution. As such, the term for the condition has been expanded to Sensitive Skin Syndrome (SSS), or more commonly known as hypersensitivity or skin irritation.

How to care for sensitive skin

It’s important to know what skin type you have. Many people aren’t aware of their skin type, so they tend to purchase the wrong products for themselves which can lead to long-term negative effects on their skin. If you suspect that you have sensitive skin, the best way to treat it is to find out what triggers your irritation.

Could it be that you developed an irritation due to your new fabric softener? Constant air conditioning in the hot summer can also trigger your skin to flare up. It’s important to keep a skin sensitivity log in order for you to keep track of certain patterns with the said items or activities.

It’s also important to see a dermatologist regarding your sensitive skin. They will conduct a patch test on you and see which allergens affect your skin.

How to choose the right accessories for sensitive skin


Wearing accessories is a form of expression many people wear to express their style, spirit, and even their current mood. However, if you have sensitive skin choosing the perfect accessories can be tricky. If you have a metal allergy, you might often overlook the jewelry section of your department store. Is there a way that you can accessorize with confidence without breaking out into rounds of scabs and itching? Here’s what you need to do the next time you are out shopping for baubles:

  1. Nix the Nickel

This popular and lower-priced metal is often seen in costume jewelry because of its high polish, durability, and the fact that it is easy to produce. However, if you have sensitive skin, it tends to leave your skin with a crusty residue. According to Dr. Matthew Zirwas of the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, the material accounts for most metal allergies. He explained that when the metal dissolves in water, it creates salt, which is a tell-tale sign that the material is eroding.

Unfortunately, if you have sensitive skin, wearing costume jewelry can result in having greenish-brown stains around your fingers in the case of rings or having a rash around your neck in the case of necklaces.

  1. Consider Other Materials 

There are other materials out there in the market that can cater to your sensitive needs. These metals and materials have a low-allergic reaction rate. Though some people may still experience some allergic reactions to them, such as in the case of earrings, it is always best to try out a couple of them to choose what would be the best fit for you.

High-carat gold is usually the best hypoallergenic metal out there. A good rule of thumb is to look for gold jewelry in 14K and above. Take note that the 24K carat ones tend to be softer and more expensive than their lower counterparts.

If gold is not within your price range, there are also inexpensive options out there. If you are allergic to metals, you can choose those made from polymer or plastic. A high-quality silicone bracelet can also be a great alternative to nickel-based costume jewelry.

  1. Be Careful About Body Jewelry

Getting a tongue piercing can be so rebel chic, but be wary. Body jewelry comes in direct contact of your body for long periods of time, and if it is made of nickel, this can lead to severe infection. If you’re still eager to get that body piercing, be sure to choose a reputable place to have your piercings done and choose products that are labeled “nickel-free”. Be sure to clean your body jewelry routinely.

  1. Practice Jewelry After-Care

It’s also important that you clean your accessories properly, preferably after using them. These jewelry pieces accumulate a lot of dirt as well as gunk left from lotions and perfumes. Take off your jewelry and let them soak in a jewelry cleaning solution. You may also use a clean toothbrush to get into the small crevices of the jewelry.

Wearing accessories is a great way to express yourself and you should not let your sensitive skin get in the way of that. With the right choices, you can look remarkable and at the same time be worry-free that you will not breakout.

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