How to Get Rid Of Odor Right After Smoking


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Do you smoke pot during the day? Well, we are not going to lecture you whether it’s a good habit or not. Instead, we will advise you to cover your tracks. Although weed has been legalized, people don’t see it for its potential; they just consider it a nuisance and will judge you for using it.

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Despite how you should react, it would be a lot better if you don’t initiate anything and keep things at bay. With that said, following we will give you some tips to cover yourself.

Eye Drops


How do you tell if someone just smoked weed? It’s by looking into their eyes. If they are devilish red, it means they have hit the pot. Well, you need to avoid I if you puffed during the day, especially in workplace or college (or school).

So, what do you do? It’s simple, get some eye drops. They will keep your eyes white and help you fend off the suspicion that you have been smoking weed. Don’t worry; you can find some good drops for cheap. You don’t need to break your bank for them. can help you find some effective solutions as well.



Smoking weed is not bad, but you have to be considerate of others around you. So, once you smoked, you don’t need to come and tell everyone what you did. You don’t have to reek of cannabis. An effective way to kill the smell is using some cologne or body spray. It minimizes the aroma.

This will help you fight off the unwanted attention. So, keep a body spray or cologne nearby Just find something strong that will fight off the odor for a while.

If you smoked in your car or a room, then nothing will help you. The smell will remain for a file. So, find somewhere airy to smoke next time

Try Gums


It doesn’t matter if you smoked weed or tobacco, your breath has the smell now, and it stinks! The fact is, it doesn’t matter what flavor you inhaled, your exhale will no longer be pleasant. No one wants to talk with someone with bad breath.

Even if you are the cleanest person, you can’t shake off the smell of weed to tobacco easily; you will need some gum or mouthwash to do it.

Sanitizer and Lotion


You don’t want your hands to give up your secret. So, if your fingers reek of weed, you have to use a hand sanitizer to clean it. Doing so won’t kill the smell completely, but it will make sure you no longer reek of weed.

Therefore, if you smoke weed, make sure you have a hand sanitizer and a lotion. Use the sanitizers first, toss it on your fingertip and rub it around your hands. Repeat the whole thing with lotion.


Have you ever been so high on weed that you had to splash cold water on your face? We all have been from time to time. But you can’t find a tap when you are high, so what do you do if you want to regain control of yourself? It’s easy, you a use wet wipe.

Use wet wipes for your hands, and facial pads to splash your face. They will help you get back on your feet.

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