How To Maintain Good Roommate Relationships in Your PG in Delhi

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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When you first move to Delhi for work or college, you imagine your life is going to be the way it is in your favourite Bollywood movies. And for a large part, it is. After all, as a city, the capital has a lot to offer – from the best institutions and organisations to ancient monuments and heritage sites to local delicacies. So, when it comes to exploring Delhi and starting your journey at college or work, you’re definitely sorted. But at the end of the day, when you come home to your PG in Laxmi Nagar, you might end up feeling a little alone or uncertain.


Before moving to Delhi, you lived at home. So, this is your first time negotiating what it is to live with others in a paying guest accommodation. And that’s bound to take some time. Because now you have to learn to share your space with total strangers, divide chores and responsibilities with them and of course, socialise with them too. If you’re able to get along well with your roommates, your PG life is going to be so much easier and more fun, and you might end up making lifelong friends in the process too. If having a good relationship with your PG roommate sounds like something you want to do, you’re in the right place. Our tips are sure to help you bond and get along with your roommates.


Share your routines

You and your roommate might have completely different lifestyles. And that’s going to impact the way you live together. In order to help you gel well and reduce any potential inconveniences it’s important to share your usual schedules with each other right from the start. This will help you both understand each other better, and compromise or adjust to suit both your needs. For example, if your roommate has a lot of early morning classes, you know that they will probably be waking up early or need to use the washroom first. If you’re a night owl by contrast, you can both discuss a compromise that works for you. Sharing your routines will also help you both know when you can expect the room to yourself for some occasional alone time.


Ask for permission

When it comes to living with a roommate, you might think sharing your space means you’re going to end up sharing a lot of things. And to a certain extent that is true. There will be some common elements in your room that you end up sharing such as the extension board or the storage space but there are some things that you or your roommate may not want to share. In any case, it’s best to err on the side of caution and ask your roommate for permission before you borrow their things. Once you become closer friends and are more comfortable with each other, you might be able to share your belongings without asking but when you’re still building the relationship it’s best to always cross-check that they are okay with sharing.


Split costs and chores

The best way to maintain a good relationship with your roommate is to divide the work equally between the two of you. Having a chore chart or roster that you can both use to split your chores can help speed up the process. At the same time, shopping together for your cleaning supplies or other household items can be a great way to bond with your roommates and divide up your costs too. These small habits go a long way towards smoothening the relationship between you and your roommates and bringing you closer together.


Be honest

Sometimes, disagreements with your roommates are inevitable. That doesn’t mean you need to pack up your stuff and look for a single room PG in Delhi where you can hide from the rest of the world. If you’ve had a bit of a tiff with your roommates, you need to have an honest conversation with them to resolve the issue. Don’t play the blame game or get caught up in passive-aggressiveness. Instead, be open about your feelings and empathise with theirs. This will clear the path for honest communication between the two of you and prevent any misunderstandings in the future.


There you go. Maintaining a good relationship with your PG roommates can be easier than it sounds. Try out these tips and you’re sure to experience healthy and strong roommate relationships.


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