How to Maintain Your Stylish Look When You’re Away From Home and Traveling Light


Have you ever noticed there are some people who look great wherever they are even if they’re in the midst of traveling? You can also look fashionable and fabulous when you’re indulging wanderlust, even if the only luggage you have is a small bag that fits under your airplane seat or into the upper compartment.


Pack Clothes That Are Easy to Wash By Hand

If you bring clothes with you that have lots of sequins, lace trim, or beaded sections, all of those embellishments will make it harder to wash your clothes by hand if needed. In the best-case scenario, you’ll be staying at a friend’s house or a hotel that has on-site laundry facilities. Even so, it’s a good idea to bring items on your trip that you can hand wash if necessary.

Many travel retailers sell specially sized containers of detergent for travelers. Those tend to work well, but you can even use dishwashing liquid to get soiled clothes ready to wear again.

Clothes made from cotton are relatively easy to wash by hand. Also, consider there are some garments designed with quick-drying fabrics. After washing those, you can just squeeze the excess water out and either lay them on a flat surface or string them up on a portable clothes line.

Bringing clothes with you that are fit for hand washing allows you to enjoy your trip more by spending as much time as possible taking part in sightseeing or other fun thing. Otherwise, you might get off track with your plans due to having to find places where you can wash your attire.

Choose Items You Can Mix and Match

It’s also a good idea to take several pieces that you can wear together or separately. By mixing and matching your clothes throughout the trip, it’s possible to create numerous outfits while still only relying on a few items.

If you’re having trouble picking out pieces for your trip while shopping for clothes, tell the salesperson your goal is to find at least a few pieces you can wear several ways. That way, he or she will know more about your buying intentions and be well equipped to offer notable suggestions. Alternatively, bring a friend along who’s willing to provide you with honest insight about certain possibilities.

Bring at Least One Dress

Dresses are extremely versatile because they are easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion. You can also wear the dress with other items, such as a shawl or knit top, to create a trendy layered look.

See how easy it is to find a dress for your trip by shopping at an online merchant such as Tobi. While at the website, you can look through large, engaging images of models wearing the dresses in the company’s inventory.

Each dress includes a Quick Look option that gives a single perspective of how a person appears while wearing the garment. However, you can also click on the image of a dress you’re interested in and see it from multiple angles. There is also information about the model’s measurements so you can compare her body shape to yours.

Online shopping is a good activity to engage in if you’re feeling a little stressed about your upcoming travels and like there’s not enough time left to get everything done. Buying things through the internet makes it easy to shop for trip-related clothing at times that are most convenient. You can also invite trustworthy friends over to your house to look through the options and get their feedback on the spot.

Personify Confidence

It’s not enough to just pick out fashion-forward clothes to wear during your jaunts away from home. You also need to possess the necessary confidence that demonstrates to others you feel great about what you’re wearing and how you look.

Spend time experimenting with different outfits before you depart for your trip. Then, you’ll learn the most effective ways to wear them and feel as comfortable as possible when you’re donning the clothes. Some people seem to have a natural confidence, but most have had to learn it over time. You can too.

At first, looking fashionable away from home when you’ve only brought a small suitcase may seem like an impossible goal. Thanks to the tips you’ve just read, you now know it’s not.


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