How to Transform Your Walk-in-Wardrobe: 5 Simple Hacks.

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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Having a walk-in-wardrobe is what most label and fashion lover’s dream of. A designated space in which you can organise and display all your fashion amenities, a walk-in wardrobe is a covetable addition to any home. Ranging in size from wardrobes that are big enough to have a separate storage island, to a smaller wardrobe that has Harry Potter-esque vibes, they all have one thing in common: they become a vision of chaos and mess in the blink of an eye. The rush of finding an outfit or trying to get ready whilst running late can mean that the space of a walk-in wardrobe can become complicated to organise, and end up looking disheveled and organised. In order for you to have the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams, We Buy Any House have come up with 5 simple hacks to totally transform your designated dressing room.


Hack #1- Remember That Space is Everywhere:

When discussing the interior design of a walk-in-wardrobe, remember that space is everywhere! In order to accommodate all your clothes, shoes, hats, jewellery and bags (amongst other fashion items), each category will need its own individual storage space. If your walk-in-wardrobe is yet to be built, think about designing the interior to have fitted wardrobes and drawers that are personalised to your needs. If the space has already been fitted with wardrobes or you’re on a budget, you might want to think about adding single plastic storage boxes, or vacuum sealed bags to optimise your storage.  Additionally, if your walk-in-wardrobe leads onto another room, you can plan the layout a little more carefully to include some clever storage in the adjoining room.

Hack #2- Prioritise Hanging:

Clothes that need to be hung simply cannot be folded. Prior to organising your walk-in-wardrobe blindly, start by separating your clothes into short and long garments. Measure your longest item of clothing and ensure there is enough length space for it to hang comfortably. This way, you can neatly organise your wardrobe and make it look aesthetically pleasing. Your smaller items can be folded and hidden away in drawers, and longer more statement pieces can be the center focus of your wardrobe.

Hack #3- Lighting is Key:

Lighting in a walk-in-wardrobe is crucial, as it can change everything. The right lighting can dramatically impact the functionality of a space. Thoughtful lighting can redesign the whole room and illuminate the focal pieces of the wardrobe- and generally enable you to see what you own better. Strategic placement of puck lighting at the top of the wardrobe can create a pleasant ambience and showcase pieces dependent on organisation. Perhaps the most useful type of bulb to use is LED lighting, as they generate a minimal amount of head even if places behind glass cabinet doors that showcase handbags or perfume.

Hack #4- Tackle the Smell:

Clothing and shoes can have a distinct smell- especially if kept in a rather small space over long periods of time. To eliminate wardrobe odours and keep the walk-in-wardrobe smelling fresh, there are some simple steps and precautions you can take. Firstly, hanging your garments on wooden hangers can better protect your clothes from bad odours. The wood absorbs moisture in the air which prevents damp from creating a smell and damaging your clothes. Secondly, covering walls in cedar safe closet liners should do the trick. Using real planks of aromatic cedar wood can repel moths, cockroaches and mildew in a natural way. Finally, an oil diffuser that emits certain scents is a great alternative, simply add an oil such as lavender or rose and let your wardrobe smell delicious.

Hack #5- Declutter:

Before you begin placing items into your walk-in wardrobe, maybe it’s time for a declutter. Your upgraded walk in-wardrobe should be neat and organised, and more importantly, a place of items you want and use. Decluttering clothes, shoes and accessories is a great way to keep what you need and effectively use the space in the wardrobe at your disposal.


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